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Family History and Research

More About Claymont Cemetery

Forest, Virginia

photo of new memorial stone
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This Poindexter cemetery is located on the back acres of what was then Captain Joseph's plantation at the edge of Lynchburg known as Locust Grove. The headstones had fallen over and were grown over with grass, buried by urban development. Bob and Annie Poindexter, along with Edith Poindexter, fought a long battle to restore regognition of the cemetery by the subdivision residents, and today it is marked by a single large marble stone with the names of who is buried there. Three stones were uncovered in this cemetery around 1994/95. With Bob and Annie's leadership, they were moved to a nearby cemetery at the Shiloh Methodist Church, Forest Virginia, in 1997. The single new monument now marks the cemetery. The stones that were moved ncluded a big flat stone for Dabney, the head stone for his wife Elizabeth and the third stone had Mary W. and the daughter's name Frances Stark.

Buried at this cemetery are:

  1. Samuel Jacob Poindexter Sr., oldest son of Captain Joseph, Dec. 29, 1767-Sept. 18, 1841
    • Ann Slaughter Poindexter, first wife of Samuel J. Poindexter, Dec. 1765- Feb. 15, 1797
    • Sarah Garth Poindexter, second wife, March. 29, 1767-Apr. 10, 1820
      • Judith Poindexter, infant daughter of Samuel J. and Sarah G. Poindexter, Dec. 18, 1798 - Jan. 1799
      • Thomas Poindexter, infant son of Samuel J. and Sarah G. Poindexter, Oct. 30, 1799 - Nov. 1799
  2. William Dabney Poindexter, Nov.17, 1791- Sept. 27, 1848, Capt. Joseph's grandson, Samuel's son.
    • Mary Elizabeth Watts, wife of William D. Poindexter, March 15, 1801--Jan. 8, 1865
  3. Mary W. Durrette, first wife of Richard W. Poindexter, April 28, 1827- March 26, 1856
    • Francis Stark Poindexter, daughter of Richard W. and Mary W. Poindexter April 10,1853-Aug. 22, 1854.

NOTE: Bob and Annie Poindexter live in the Lynchburg area and are long time members of the PDA. Bob is descended from Capt. Joseph. Edith is married to Jack Poindexter, of Long Island, VA. They are also members of the PDA. Long Island is the community that Whipping Creek Plantation was associated with. If you were on the bus tour at the reuion in lynchburg, you will remember Edith, she was our wonderful tour guide.

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Updated July 3, 2017

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