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Family History and Research

Whipping Creek Plantation
and Cemetery

Long Island, Virginia

Captain Joseph Poindexter was born in Louisa County, VA in 1736, when Louisa was still part of Hanover County. He died June 26, 1826 at his plantation, Whipping Creek, south of Lynchberg, VA. Joseph's parents were John Poindexter and Christian Anderson Gissage of Louisa County.

From Lynchburg, follow 501 to Highway 633 (Epsons Road). Follow 633 for about two miles, as shown highlighted in green on this map. If you cross the bridge over the creek, you have gone too far.

The cemetery is just off the road, watch for an old barn and large sycamore tree on your left. The cemetery is under the Sycamore tree. It is marked here as a red star.

  • Map by the United States' Environmental Protection Agency EnviroMapper.
  • Google Maps was also used to establish street names.
  • Approximate GPS Coordinates: 37° 3.741' N by 79° 0.317 W, Elevation about 440 feet (according to Google Earth).


map of grave plotsThe resting place of Captain Joseph Poindexter, this cemetery is located on Captain Joseph's plantation known as Whipping Creek near Long Island, Virginia in Cambell County.The plots are roughly drawn out here in relationship to the Sycamore tree. Plot numbers match list below. Family tradition says that a Sycamore twig had been stuck in the ground to mark to Joseph's grave and it rooted and grew into a tall and strong tree. I am not sure which way is North, will see if Bob and Annie can tell us.

Buried at this cemetery are:

  • (1) Joseph Poindexter, Captain in the Revolution, 1736 - June 29, 1826, aged 90 years.
  • (2) Elzabeth Jane Kennerly, wife of Joseph. Died February 5, 1828, aged 82 years.
  • (3) Lewis D. Poindexter, died 1879, aged 89 years.
  • (4) Nancy M., wife of Lewis D., died March 10, 1845, aged 48 years, 10 months.
    • (5) Armelius Josephus, son of Lewis and Nancy, died October 10, 1814. aged 6 months, 14 days.
    • (6) Virginia Francis, daughter of Lewis and Nancy, died November 14, 1812, aged 14 years, 2 months, 18 days.
  • (7) John W. Poindexter, 1831 - 1868 .
  • (8) Thomas F. Poindexter, died 1885, aged 70 years.
  • (9) Harriet J., wife of Thomas F., died 1894, aged 75 years.
  • (10) Lelia A. Poindexter, 1856 - 1873.
  • (11) John T. Poindexter, 1850 - 1879.
  • (12) Robert L. Poindexter, August 13, 1846 - October 11, 1895.
  • (13) unknown,only field stones mark the grave.


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Updated July 3, 2017

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