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The Search for Proof

Resolving citation conflicts

"Poingdestre-Poindexter A Norman Family" by John Poindexter Landers

John Landers (May 9, 1931 - April 4, 2011)

See obituary

NOTE: A summary of this page was published in the PDA Newsletter, October 2004.

The book "Poingdestre-Poindexter, A Norman Family" (also called "the Red Book") has become the primary source for many descendants research into their connection to the immigrant George Poindexter. However, the author, John Poindexter LAnders, failed to provide sources for the lineage model presented in his book. So we have to ask the question of what sources led him to this lineage of the first few generations in America.

The Early Poindexters in America Research Committee (EPARC) is asking this and other questions and attempting to find the answers. If you have information, sources, that answer the questions, do contact us. The questions and our contact info are on the EPARC's home page. Also see our Suggested Reading page.

The Search for John Lander's Research Notes:

The ad hoc Search Committee:

  • Priscilla Poindexter (daughter of Robert Downs Poindexter, publisher of the Red Book.
  • Gayle Abbott (a 2nd cousin to John Landers)
  • Ed Poindexter, long time chair and chief researcher of EPARC
  • Jamie Poindexter, PDA President
  • Others are welcome to join in the search!

What we know:

  • Priscilla Poindexter:
    1. Several months ago (Spring 2004), looked around a bit for clues in Shreveport, Louisiana where her father had a company office. Nothing turned up.
    2. Aunt has many copies of the red book (Poingdestre-Poindexter, A Norman Family) in a closet. She has since retrieved several copies and put them up for sale. The aunt doesn't have the research notes.
    3. Through email discussion between Priscilla, Ed and I, we thought maybe his notes could be in either coastal Louisiana or coastal Texas, maybe in a college library filed with a MA or PhD thesis. Jamie did an online search of the University of Texas in Houston, but didn't unearth any new clews. We might also want to look at Roman Catholic Church libraries, as John was probably a priest.
  • From Gayle:
    1. Gayle last met John when Gayle was 4.
    2. Gayle's father is John's cousin.
    3. Last known address for John: 116 Camargo, San Antonio, TX 78210. Jamie looked this up on MapQuest. It is just several blocks South of the Alamo and the hotel where the PDA reunion was held in 1996. If John was still living in S.A. that year, we were all so very close.
    4. Gayle has a note that John spent a lot of time in London.
    5. John was a priest and spent time in The Vatican in the 70s.
    6. John liked showing people around the town in San Antonio, as long as he didn't have to drive. Sounds like a sociable person.
    7. John was curator of the White Museum in San Antonio. (Probably the Witte Museum ). Jamie emailed the museum but got no response.
    8. John has a cousin, Jean Fischer, who might know how to get in touch with John. (NOTE: White Pages Search found one Jean Fischer in all of Texas.
    9. Gayle has some genealogy on John's family, and a boatload on the rest of Gayle's family. Could the sources we are looking for reside with one of Gayle's relatives?
    10. John's parents were John Henry Landers and Myrtle Poindexter
  • Ed Poindexter
    1. Wrote to John several years ago but never got an answer.
    2. The Dallas Library had a manuscript by John Landers in 1986 on our immigrant George Poindexter.
    3. A report by the PDA's Early Poindexters in America Research Committee in January 1992 says: "William R. Poindexter has told us of the possible death of John Poindexter Landers, author of the major published treatise on the Poindexters". Today we do not have record of which William R. Poindexter this is or his source.
  • Jamie Poindexter:
    1. The PDA gedcom database has John's lineage on the PDA web site. It shows he descends from George 1 (immigrant adult) through his son Thomas 2 and his son John 3. Its John's brother 3 that we have a big question on because the red book does not give the record or sources that say Thomas 3 is the son of Thomas 2. Yet he has drawn in his own lineage thru John, so he must have had some source for that information. Its possible whatever records he found that show John 3 as son of Thomas 2 might also tell us if Thomas 3 was John's brother and son of Thomas 2.

Where we need to look next:

  1. The downtown Dallas public library. Ed reported: A truly fine genealogy collection. I spent a day there in 1986, and examined his notes--actually, in the form of a short manuscript on George-1 Poindexter. They contain a different model than in the red book; I don't recall whether dated earlier or later than the book. And needless to say, no discussion in the manuscript or the book regarding the difference between his models.
    • We need to obtain a copy of this manuscript, looking for Dallas area volunteer.
  2. San Antonio, where John Landers lived much of his life.
    • We need someone to look into collections in university, college, catholic libraries, etc. Also someone to go and talk with the Witte Museum.
    • We need someone to look for obituaries in the late 1970s-80s for John Landers.
  3. Societe Jeriaise library on the Isle of Jersey
  4. Review the materials collected by EPARC as reported.
  5. Where else????


  • 12 NOV 2004: As a result of the above being published in the October PDA Newsletter, Dorothy Knox Brown call me (Jamie) and stated that her reserach, as well as that of Meg Cohen, were all done at about the same time as John Landers'. Their research of Virginia resources support Landers' conclusions which puts Thomas 2 as the son of George 2 and grandson of George 1. Her health prevented her from reproducing the sources that she made her conclusions from. She referred me to the Swem Library at William and Mary College as the place where she found her sources.
  • 12 FEB 2009: Ed reported that he called Dorothy later--about 2006--and this time, she was VERY FIRM that she had NEVER found any significant evidence which supported Landers!!!! Again, she was unable to cite any specific evidence, or source, or where she found the necessary ideas or info.


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Updated July 3, 2017

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