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About Nauvoo, Illinois

The PDA Reunion bus tour on Friday, June 21st is to Nauvoo. The following information is from Beautiful Nauvoo, visit their web site at for more info.

Nauvoo is located on a horseshoe bend of the Mississippi River where Illinois, Iowa and Missouri meet. Nauvoo has been described as the 'Williamsburg of the Midwest' for its large collection of beautifully restored historic preservation sites, natural beauty, recreational activities, unique shops and restaurants. Nauvoo is a great family value for the experiences of reliving the past, enjoying nature and exploring the town and area. There is something here for everyone! The area was populated by the Sac and Fox Indians in 1824 before a U.S. Army captain, James White, bought the land for 200 sacks of corn. The first post office in the town was established here and called Venus, the name eventually was changed to Commerce.

In 1839, Joseph Smith and his Mormon followers settled the area and in six years built the city of Nauvoo, which at the time was the largest city in Illinois. Following the Mormons' departure to Utah, the French and Germans settled the area, creating the wine and blue cheese industries that still operate today.

The natural beauty of Nauvoo remains unchanged after 160 years. A visitor today can explore and relive history by taking part in heritage activities such as: blacksmithing, brick making, pioneer games for the children and theatrical productions. All are free of charge and open to the public. There are more than 35 restored homes from the Mormon and French eras. Nauvoo has four informative visitors' centers and three interesting museums to tour, offering opportunities to learn about the local and regional history.

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