Poindexter Family Reunion
Winston-Selem, North Carolina, June 21 through 24, 2006


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Bailie Bottoms

There has been an archelogical dig going at Bailie Bottoms since 1972 by Wake Forest University's Archeology Department. The excavations are on land once owned by Captain Thomas Poindexter III and his wife Elizabeth “Betty” Pledge Poindexter. Thomas was a captain in the American Revolutionary War.

Bailie Bottoms, located on what is now the Yadkin County side of the Yadkin River. Captain Thomas purchased the land from Andrew Bailie, its first landowner. It is also a site of Native American occupancy prior to arrival of Europeans.

Thomas and Betty lived on this site for some time, purchasing more tracts of adjoining land. They operated a ferry, known as the Poindexter Ferry, which carried people, animals and supplies across the river. They built a house nearby, often referred to as “a mansion”, most likely atop a bluff overlooking the river and bottom land. They are buried in the “Old Poindexter Graveyard” in these bottoms.

In 1991, a local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution dedicated a monument to Elizabeth “Betty” Pledge Poindexter for her bravery of sending messages to the American Militia, through British enemy lines, sewing notes inside her and some of her children’s clothing. The monument was placed by her tombstone in the graveyard.


Thursday, June 22nd

"Historical Archeological Discoveries in Bailie Bottoms”

This presentation Thursday evening will cap off a day full of local and Poindexter history in the Salem area. Dr. Paul Thacker and Ken Robinson of Wake Forest University ’s Archeology Department will present findings from an ongoing excavation project in the Bailie Bottoms near the Yadkin River (in Yadkin County). Artifacts discovered during this excavation, which has been going on since 1972, will be on display. This will be a DO-NOT-MISS presentation!
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Stop #2 on the Bus Tour

Friday, June 23rd

See the dig, meet the students and staff, visit the cemetery!

Friday's bus tour will include visiting the dig at Bailie Bottoms and possibly the old Poindexter cemetery where Captain Thomas and his wife Elizabeth Betty Pledge are buried. Meet with Dr. Paul Thacker and/or Ken Robinson and some of the staff and students currently woring at the excavation. photos

For the walk to the cemetery, we recommend wearing or bring along jeans, long sleeve shirt/blouse and comfortable walking shoes, as you will be walking some distance through a wooded area, even though we plan on having a path cleared. Bring your camera!

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