Poindexter Family Reunion
Winston-Selem, North Carolina, June 21 through 24, 2006


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Reunion 2006 Side Trip

Captain Joseph Poindexter Cemetery
(Along Whipping Creek, Campbell County, Virginia)
and Poindexter Homes of Lunchburg, VA

Plan a couple of extra days for your Reunion 2006 trip and visit Lynchburg, Virginia. Joseph is a brother ro Captain Thomas Poindexter of Bailee Bottoms in North Carolina. During Reunion 2006, we will be visiting Bailee Bottoms and Thomas' grave. Just a three hour drive North is the grave of Captain Joseph, which the PDA last visited in 1995.

Many PDA members are descended from Joseph and his wife Elizabeth. He is known as Captain from his rank in the American Revolutionery War. Joseph was born August 11, 1736 in St. Paul's Parish in Hanover County, Virginia. He died June 29, 1826 and is buried at his plantation's cemetery at Whipping Creek, Campbell County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth February 10, 1763. They raised their family in and around Lynchburg, Virginia.

Directions to the Capt. Joseph Cemetery from Reunion 2006:

Link to Rand McNally directions to Long Island, Virgina. Estimated driving time is three hours. If the link doesn't work, try this static map.

  1. Take I-40 East towards Greensboro.
  2. Take Exit 39 to US-29 North into Virginia, bypassing Danville.
  3. Exit onto "US-29-BUS to GRETNA".
  4. Less than 2 miles, turn right on VA-40.
  5. Take VA-40 9.9 miles and turn Left onto Renan Road.
  6. Continue 2.4 miles and turn Owens Road for 0.1 miles.
  7. Turn Right onto Straightstone Road.
  8. In 8.6 miles, you run into Long Island Road, take it North about one mile to Long Island.


From Long Island, proceed East on Epsons Road, using the yellow highlighted route on this map as your guide.

Just after you cross Whipping Creek, the cemetery is on your right, near an old barn and large Sycamore tree. This map is Page 106, Grid Section L-9 of the 2006 Road Atlas.

Cemetery Details are available withy this link. Be sure to visit the details page before travelling to the cemetery.

GPS Coordinates: Long Island, 37n05, 79w06

Poindexter Homes:

Homes and additional cemeteries in Lynchburg

Capt. Joe's cemetery is at the top of the list, so just pick up from there to follow the route the PDA Reunion of 1995 took.



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