Poindexter Family Reunion
Winston-Selem, North Carolina, June 21 through 24, 2006


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Friday's Bus Tour Details

Friday, June 23rd

Seats on the bus tour are going quick!
As of June 8th, there are less than 40 seats left on the second bus.
Register today to reserve your seat.!

The Bus Tour will take us to several sites of historical and Poindexter family related sites in the Winston-Salem area. Be prepared to board our tour bus for all day Bus Tour of historical Poindexter family sites, homes & cemeteries located in Forsyth, Yadkin & Surry Counties.

Old Richmond Court House Site – on Donnaha Road , Forsyth County , once the County Seat of Surry County . This is also the site where Elizabeth “Betty” Pledge Poindexter, wife of Captain Thomas Poindexter once owned and operated a Tavern, where it is said that Andrew Jackson once visited, as a guest. Narrated by Richard C. Poindexter.

Bailie Bottoms – Meet with Dr. Paul Thacker and/or Ken Robinson, and staff/students of the Wake Forest University Archeology Department , at their excavation site, which has been in existence since 1972. Another presentation you simply Do Not Want To Miss . Thjis is on land owned by Captain Thomas Poindexter and wife, Elizabeth “Betty” Pledge Poindexter. More details

Macedonia Church Cemetery – located on Highway 67, west, between the Yadkin River and East Bend, where some Poindexter ancestors are buried, who fought and died in the Civil War, including T. C. M. Poindexter. Tour and narration by Rick D. Poindexter.

Smithtown – northwest of East Bend, which for a short time was known as Poindexter, North Carolina, where there is a historical marker where an early family home once stood, and the home place of Samuel Albert Poindexter, who was our co-host, Cathy’s, grandparents home, which still stands and in excellent condition! Also, there are other Poindexter homes along the way. Narration by Richard C. Poindexter, Rick D. Poindexter, Cathy and Al Hill.

Lunch at Friendship Baptist Church – Catered Southern Lunch (Menu to be determined) - where we will enjoy a wonderful, catered lunch and a visit to the church cemetery, where many Poindexter ancestors are buried, including Denson Ashburn Poindexter, who was the founder of this historical church, as well as its first pastor. Short history lesson by Richard C. and Randy G. Poindexter.

Richmond Hill Law School and Park, near Rockford , NC: This will be a drive by tour, with a Bus Stop at The Rockford General Store, and possibly the Rockford Methodist Church, which has a fresco of Jesus inside.Tour of this historical restored law school, its significance to this area, in its time, as well as a newly added park. The community Richmond Hill was the home of North Carolina Chief Justice Richmond Pearson. Richmond Hill Law School is where he conducted law classes outdoors, in the mid-1850. Personal tour by Randy G. Poindexter, a Commission member and a key leader of the restoration of this building.

Town of Rockford – a drive by tour of this historical town, which at one time was the County Seat of Surry County, located at the Yadkin and Surry County line, with a stop at one of the few truly old general stores in existence today, anywhere.

Patricia Hobson’s Art Studio – The art studio of Patricia Hobson, in Yadkin County, to meet this widely acclaimed artist of American art, who is famous for her country landscapes of Yadkin and Surry counties and Old Salem, with a chance to meet this Yadkin County native.

  • Due to time retraints, this stop has been cancelled. May we suggest you stop by the studio on another day if you are arriving early or staying in town after the reunion. See our Side Trips page.

Yadkinville – ride-through tour of the present County Seat of Yadkin County, with an opportunity to meet, briefly, with Master Genealogist, Historian and Author, Frances Casstevens, and Historian and Genealogist, Andrew Mackie.  While there, you will have an opportunity to purchase books authored by Mrs. Casstevens, books and maps from the Yadkin County Historical Society, and the Library..

Town of Huntsville – where a skirmish was fought here on October 14, 1780 between the Tories and Patriots. Fourteen Tories were killed and one Patriot, Captain Henry Francis , who is buried near the “Big Poplar Tree”. Descendants recently placed a new and corrected tombstone at his grave.

4:00-4:50pm, return to the hotel on historical route Old U.S. 421, through Forbush and Enon Communities, and past the Durrett_Jarratt House, home of the late Hal Jarrett, who compiled the early history of Chief Donnaha/Donnahoo, and the early Poindexter's in what is now Yadkin County. Arrive at hotel no later than 5:00pm.

Dinner: is on your own back at the hotel, or organize groups.

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