Poindexter Family Reunion
Winston-Selem, North Carolina, June 21 through 24, 2006


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Photos of Bailie Bottoms
and the Archeology Dig



Above: marker on Bailie Bottoms ground commemorating past owners of the land, starting with Native Americans.

Right: View of Bailie Bottoms



Above: Bud Poindexter's house on Poindexter Road, Yadkin County, N.C..

Right: View of Ferry Landing on the Yadkin River


Wake Forest University Archeological Site



The marker reads, "The Donnaha Site covers 10 acres and is the remains of an Indian town occupied between AD 1000-1500. The town was located on the crest of the natural levee, and crops of corn, squash, sumpweed and beans were grown in the loose sandy soil. In habitants gathered wild foods from the uplands, including persimmon, grape, blackberry, maypop, acorn, hickory nuts and walnuts. Wild game was hunted in the surrounding forest, especially deer and turkey. From the river came fish, mussels and turtles. Stone fish traps are present in the river upstream and downstream from this location.

Donnaha is the largest site in the Yadkin Valley for several miles in either direction, and perhaps as many as 100 persons lived here at any one time. Many smaller sites of the same age are present along the Yadkin flood plain, so the inhabitants had many neighbors. Trade networks were established far and wide, bringing in shell from the coast (for making ornaments) and stone from the Uwharrie Mountains (for making various tools). Soapstone from the nearby uplands was used to make pipes, and local clays were used to produce pottery. Although the tribal affiliation of these people is unknown, they probably spoke a Sioux language, and were related to the Saura of the later historic period. The inhabitants were gone by the the first Europeans settlers reached this area.



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