Pay Online

The PDA uses PayPal's secure transaction service for online payments. PayPal is a leading transaction processing company providing card services to the PDA at a reasonable cost to you.

Registration Form

  1. Complete your Registration Form before making payments here.
  2. On the Registration Form, check the "Pay Online" box.
  3. The name on your Registration Form must be the same as the name on your card.

Transaction Rules

Step 1: Registration Fee
Required for each person registering for the Reunion. Sorry, we do not accept payment for a la carte activities here, please pay by check and mail with your Registration Form to the address at the bottom of the Registration Form.

PDA Member
$107.00 + about $3.32 handling = $110.32

$117.00 + about $3.63 handling = $120.63

Make a donation to the PDA
You may contribute using one dollar increments in the Shopping Cart by entering the number of dollars you wish to contribute in the "Quantity" box. The 3.1% fee is included so each one dollar increment donated will cost you about $1.03 per total checkout.

To view your shopping cart, click the button at right.