Saturday's Presentations

Heroes, Cavaliers & Frontier Folk

Do you have a story about an uncle, aunt, grandparent or other cousin or ancestor who you think of as a hero, cavalier or frontier folk?  This is the theme of this year’s reunion.  On Saturday you can take the stage (no, not the stage coach outta town) and talk about your hero.  You can have 10 or so minutes to tell us about your relative or ancestor and why you admire them.  Maybe your story will be about a Civil War hero you found while doing your family tree, perhaps a story about our immigrants or their ancestors in Jersey, or maybe a pioneer ancestor who moved into the unknown territories.

Contact the Reunion Host Committee, Don or Andrea, to get your spot in the lineup.  Let them know if you will have need to project PowerPoint Slides or any other needs you will have. 

Finding records of your Heroes, Cavaliers, & Frontier Folk

Also on Saturday, the PDA Database Committee will demonstrate how to navigate the PDA Genealogy Database online to find your heroes, cavaliers and frontier folk.  Jamie Poindexter and Michele Jacques will answer your questions about using the new features of the database and submitting your research.  The Annual Business Meeting is also this morning.  Important association business depends on your participation.

Family History in Virginia Updates

At the Banquet on Saturday evening, John B. Poindexter will provide an update on family research as well as an update on Criss Cross Plantation in Virginia.  Criss Cross is the home that immigrant George built in the 1680s.


Faces from the PDA Database