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Family History and Research

Carroll County (Missouri) Photo Album

By: Jamie Poindexter

Other PDA members known to be related to these pictures are Joyce Poindexter Esty of Burlington, Iowa; Kathy Waterhouse, Sperry, IA; Jack Paul Poindexter of Osprey, Florida; John W. (Bill) Meehan of San Gabriel, California and Elizabeth (Beth) Harbert of Overland Park, Kansas.


John Lewis and Sarah PoindexterJohn Lewis and Sarah Sproul Poindexter

This first image is the wedding picture of John Lewis (John) Poindexter (1847-1926) and Sarah Elizabeth (Sally) Sproul (1863-1949). They actually had their pictures taken separately, but to save computer storage space, I combined them using Adobe Photoshop.

John and Sarah lived on the farm she either received or inherited from her father. The Sproul Farm, located in Trotter Township, which then became known as the Poindexter Farm. I have plat maps showing the location of the farm, both now, and when it was known as the Sproul Farm and the Mason Farm which I found in the Carrollton Public Library. Today, a cousin, Johnny Poindexter lives across the road from the farmhouse. The farm itself, unfortunately, was auctioned off in 1977 after the death of Alex Poindexter.

John Lewis was the son of Sarah Tabitha Plunkett and Waddy Thomson Poindexter, named for his mother's maiden name and maternal grandmother's name. The graves of Sarah, Waddy, John Lewis and Sally are in the Trotter Township Cemetery nearby the farm as are other family members. Waddy was the son of William, son of Captain Joseph of Lynchburg, VA.


Poindexter BrothersJohn and Sarah's Sons

Moving forward, John Lewis and Sally had six sons and a four daughters. In birth order: Mary Tabitha (Sis) (1880-1962), Cora Alice (Cora)(1882-1904), Samuel Harold (1885-1977), Virginia Craton (Craton)(1887-1958), Glenora (Glen) (1890-1958), Lewis Sproul (1893-19570), John Alex (1895-1977), William Dawson (1898-1983)(Johnny's father), Charles Arnold (my grandfather) (1901-1936), Jim Frank (1907-1978). In the photo to the right, they are:

  • Back Row, Left to Right: John Alex (Alex, pronounced Alec), Lewis Sproul (Lewis), Samuel Harold (Sam).
  • Front Row: William Dawson (Dawson), Jim Frank (Frank), Charles Arnold (Arnold)


Charles Arnold PoindexterCharles Arnold Poindexter

My grandfather, Charles Arnold Poindexter (1901-1936). He moved from the farm to the big city of Fort Madison, Iowa and nearby communities. His sister Craton had previously moved to Niota, Illinois, across the Mississippi from Ft. Madison. Here he met my grandmother, Margaret Louise Hassman. They were both working at Schaffer Pen Company in Fort Madison. He passed away one Christmas Day in his 30's of a month long ailment. My brother is named after him and my cousin's son is named Arnold.






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Updated February 19, 2022

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