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Family History and Research

Dana Richardson's Family Photo Album

By: Dana Richardson,

photo of Doctor Poindexter family

Dr. Joseph Shelton Poindexter, Jr. Family

Front Row, left to right: Orah, Joseph Shelton (known as Shelton, or J.S.), Rolland (baby), Van ???(wife of J.S.), Zoah
Back Row: Myrtle, Arnold.

This is my great grandfather's brother. I don't know much about this family, except that he and his family were living in Smithboro, IL at the time of Thomas Emmett Patterson's death in 1926. Some of the children moved out of state: Myrtle lived in both Lincoln, Neb and Oklahoma City, OK. Zoah lived in Hollywood, CA (as late as 1962).


Joseph Shelton Poindexter, Sr.

Joseph is the grandson of Capt. Joseph and son of John L. He married Martha Floyd Frazier in 1837. She was born in Rockingham Co., NC 1813 to Thomas and Joyce Frazier. Thomas and Joyce were married in Ireland, came to US first to VA, then NC, Thomas finally ended up in Jackson, Ohio where he died in 1845. Martha died 1901, in Chesterfield, IL.

Does anyone have any info on these Fraziers?


photo of Adele Maud Poindexter Harpe

Adele Maud Poindexter Harpe

Here is the photo of my grandmother, Adele Maud Poindexter Harpe. She was born 3 Jan 1881 in Woburn,Bond Co., Illinois. She married Otho B. Harpe 26 Oct 1904. She died Thanksgiving Day, 22 Nov 1973 in Houston, TX.

photo of Metcalf Family

Metcalf Family

From left to right: Martha Floyd Frazier Poindexter, wife of Joseph Shelton, Sr.; Richard Metcalf, Sr.; Richard Metcalf, Jr. (back); and Sarah Ann (Sallie) Poindexter Metcalf (daughter of Martha, and twin sister of Thomas Emmett Patterson Poindexter)


photo of Dr. Thomas Emmett Patterson Poindexter

Dr. Thomas Emmett Patterson Poindexter

This is my great grandfather. He was known as "E.P." and was born in Patrick County, VA on 10 August 1838 to Joseph Shelton Poindexter, Sr. and Martha Floyd Frazier.

He eventually made his home in Bond County, Illinois, where he practiced medicine. He lived in Woburn and Greenville, IL.

He married Tabitha Jane Goodrich Phillips in Boonsboro, Iowa 17 September 1873. He died in Greenville, IL 16 November 1926.

He had 3 children, Dr. Donald Victor Poindexter, 1874-1944; Anne Poindexter Cox, 1876-1963; and Adele Maud Poindexter Harpe, 1881-1973.


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Updated February 19, 2022

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