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Family History and Research

Rosalie Wertz's Family Photo Album

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Photo of Ed and Molliy PoindexterPictured here are my great grandparents, Edward Carter Poindexter and Mary Elizabeth "Molly" Oliver. They were married in Montgomery County, Missouri  on March 1, 1874. 

Edward was son of Willis Garth  Poindexter and Emily Poindexter Slaughter of Bedford County, Virginia. Edward was born March 15, 1851 and moved to Montgomery County about 1870. 

Mary Elizabeth was daughter of Shelton and Mary Virginia Oliver.  She  was born March 11, 1858. They had  four daughters, followed by my grandfather, Frank Graves Poindexter born in 1888. 

When my grandfather Frank was about 8 months old, his mother Molly was outdoors rendering lard over a fire in a drizzling rain.  She caught a cold, it developed into pneumonia and she passed away March 4th, 1888, just shy of her 30th birthday.. 

Frank's older sisters tried to take care of their younger brother but when school started, his father Edward hired someone to come take care of the baby.  After a succession of helpers, Edward "put on his good suit" and went courting to find a new wife.  He married Nancy Jane Boswell on April 4th, 1889 and they had 3 children, 2 girls and one boy. 

Edward Carter Poindexer died Oct. 12, 1914.

The name Garth came from Willis Garth Poindexter, the name has been passed down in our family ever since.  My grandpa Frank had a son he named Karl Garth and Uncle Karl named his son Daniel Garth. 

February 22, 2009

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Updated February 19, 2022

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