The Poindexter Family Reunion

Image of a pier at sunset with sail boats.

June 23 - 26, 2011

On the Gulf Coast at Biloxi, Mississippi



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Things to Do in the Area

Come early
for an extended vacation where we
don't let Katrina or the oil spill keep us down forever!

Stroll along the beach, catch a sunset, or sunrise. Visit the souvenir shops along  the beach, or in nearby Ocean Springs.  Edgewater Mall is about a mile away from the hotel.  Youngsters would enjoy Gulf Islands Waterpark located on 16th Avenue in Gulfport.  There are also several casinos close by:  Treasure Bay Casino, Beau Rivage Casino and the IP Casino.  

Please take advantage of the brochures in the hotel lobby to learn more bout all there is to do here in Biloxi when you arrive at the hotel. For a head start, here are some of the atractions and visitor information:

Visitor Bureaus:

  1. Mississippi Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau
  2. Biloxi Chamber of Commerce
  3. City of Biloxi
  4. Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce

There is a Tour Train which tours Biloxi at a cost of $10 per person for up to 20.  Or, if just a few (less than 20) want to go a tour the cost would be $14 each.  It would be better to schedule a tour.

For those who enjoy casinos, there are several along the Gulf Coast. They also have wonderful restaurants and the food is great. Get more info here.

photo of the Biloxi lighthouseBe sure to visit the Old Biloxi Lighthouse! It has just recently been redone, has a new paint job, and is very white and bright from the outside. I haven’t gotten the courage myself to climb the winding stairs to the top. I will just watch others!

Oh, yes, right across the street from the lighthouse is the new - very, very new - Biloxi Visitor’s Center. The grand opening is Memorial Day, 2011. It should be a very interesting place to visit with lots of information about Biloxi‘s history.

The Orr-O’Keefe Art Center, a very “modern” designed art center, should be open by next June. It is located further east - just a mile or two down the beach from the Quality Inn. I have not figured it out completely, but there are several odd shaped buildings (pods!) and each one will contain some very interesting art, etc., complimentary to The Gulf Coast!

Don’t forget to notice the woodcarvings in the street mediums! These were carved by volunteers, at no charge, after Katrina damaged the beautiful, large live oaks. These have become beautiful carvings of dolphins, birds, and other sea life. You can even park in one of the bays, walk over, and take pictures, if you like! As a matter of fact, some of the trees had not died completely and after the carvings had been done, new branches with leaves began to sprout. Isn't Mother Nature amazing?!!

(Biloxi's Katrina sculpture project began in January 2007 when Mayor A.J. Holloway and Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel spoke with Mississippi "chainsaw artist” Dayton Scoggins about sculpting marine-related figures from the dozens of standing dead trees in the median of Beach Boulevard in Biloxi. The trees were victims of the saltwater storm surge of Hurricane Katrina. In March 2007, after MDOT crews "topped" the dead trees, Scoggins made the collection of trees just west of the Biloxi Lighthouse. Scoggins' initial five sculptures -- a $7,000 investment for the city -- inspired Fort Walton Beach, FL, sculptor and frequent Biloxi visitor Marlin Miller to approach the city about donating his time and talent to sculpting more standing dead trees in the center medians in Biloxi. Miller, who exhibits sculptures at shows nationally, wanted to leave his mark on Biloxi and return the favor of Biloxians who had helped his community recover after Hurricane Ivan a couple years earlier. Miller's efforts represent the majority of the 20 works of art in Biloxi, plus one in progress, in fact. During his multiple sculpting visits, he has refused any reimbursement or payment for his public works of art. Today, rarely a day goes by that local or visitors are not seen admiring or photographing the sculptures. A visitors survey by the Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau reported that the sculptures are one of the top attractions on the Mississippi Coast.”)

Fort MassechusetteJust off the coast is Ship Island, which has the remains of an old fort, and there is an excursion boat that goes out.  There are no trees on the island but some shade has been provided.  On a hot day, one can certainly get nice sunburn - even the sand reflects the sun’s rays.  There is always a nice breeze, but - - - -  Just bring sunscreen if you plan to go out.

In nearby Gulfport is Gulf Islands Water Park. A very popular place for kids and the young-at-heart!  Or, you can just walk across the street from the Quality Inn and enjoy the Biloxi surf and sand!

The Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport is an interactive children's museum designed for children under 12. Children communicate with robots, snoop through a cluttered attic, shop in a local market, produce a news show, operate a crane and explore the tree houses.  Also interesting for moms and pops!

Ocean Springs is just across the Biloxi Bay and has some interesting, neat little shops - dress shops, art, antiques, etc., - and neat places to eat, for instance, Martha‘s Tea Room. Nice for sightseeing or walking tour.  Also, there is the Walter Anderson Art Museum.  He was a rather eccentric fellow, but painted some really interesting art and, also, pottery.  He would get in his dinghy and row the 12 - 15 miles out to Horn Island and stay for days and through all kinds of weather.  His paintings are of pretty, bright colors, and he painted the things he saw on the island - plants, animals, birds, and fish, etc.

For all you golfers, there are several beautiful golf courses.  I do not golf, so I can only give names of some.  There will be brochures available at Quality Inn, also.  The pictures of the courses are beautiful. Don't miss the Poindexter Pro-Am golf outing on Thursday. More info.

FOOD!   Ah, yes!  There are also several very, very good places to find GREAT food.

The Edgewater Mall is maybe a mile from the motel where Bonefish Grill has WONDERFUL food.  

If you don’t mind riding a few miles, there is a unique place, The Shed, which has the best barbeque you'll ever eat anywhere!  They were on Regis and Kelly’s show and won first place in a barbeque cook-off.  They have also won numerous other first place prizes.  You would not believe the decor at the shed.  I will not tell you about it but let you discover it for yourself! 

McElroy’s in Ocean Springs also has wonderful food.  It is locally owned and I know it has good seafood.  I have eaten there several times. 

Mary Mahoney’s is another locally owned restaurant in Biloxi, which has great food.  They also have New Orleans’ style café ole’ and beignets!!!  

And, then, there is another locally owned place, Blow Fly Inn on Biloxi Back Bay!  They have fresh seafood, ribs, steaks, po-boys, burgers, salads, wraps, soups, homemade desserts, and more.  Or, some may like to try High Cotton Grill in D'Iberville, another neat place. There is just no shortage of places and the varieties of food is unlimited.        

If you like sushi, there is the Sakura Restaurant & Bar.  This is also a very popular place, if you like sushi.  My son likes it, but I have never been!  Wonder why???  I just like my fish cooked! 

I could fill two more pages with places to visit and good restaurants, but we have only a few days to play.  There will be more brochures available at the hotel and you may have other ideas. Email me if you have any questions.

Photo of Faye

Faye Shearer
Pascagoula, MS








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