Poindexter Family Reunion in Williamsurg June 19-21, 2014

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Adele Maud Poindexter HarpeNo matter how you spell it; Poingdestre, Poindestre, Poindexter, Poyndexter, Pendexter, Puddester, etc.; you descend from the Poingdestre family with roots in the Isle of Jersey and Normandy. No matter how you pronounce it, you descend from the Poingdestre family. No matter what your last name is, if you descend from the Poingdestre family, you will want to know about this annual reunion.

Every year Poindexters (et al.) from all over North America, and beyond, come together to meet and share family history.  At the Poindexter Family Reunion, you can find out more about Poindexter family history. Hosted by the Poindexter Descendants Association, the Reunion is located in different cities each year. In 2014 the Reunion will be in the Williamsburg/Richmond area of Virginia.

The Poindexters in America can trace their roots back to the Poingdestre families who have lived in Jersey since at least the 14th century. But the name Poingdestre is recorded even further back - to the 1130s near Bayeux, Normandy, when Jersey was part of the Duchy of Normandy.

Who are the descendants of these early Poingdestres who came to the new world?

Poindexter Brothers in Carrollton MissouriWe know that George Poindexter came to Virginia in the 1650s.  Most members of the PDA today descend directly from George. For a long time the PDA believed that all Poindexters in America descended from George.  We now know of others who immigrated as well. Some PDA members descend from John C. Poindexter.  It is believed that John came directly to America from France sometime in the late 1700s.  Some of his children were born in Virginia.  Later he had more children in Hawkins County, Tennessee where he died in 1831. 

Dorothy A. Poindexter and Rev. Richard JonesWe also know of the Pendexter descendents who settled in New England and are thought to have descended from Isaac Poingdestre (b.1663) of Jersey.  Isaac may have settled in New Hampshire in the early 1700s.  His descendants lived in Maine and now in Massachusetts. Then there are the Puddester/Puddister families.   They originate from Henri (1719-1798) Poingdestre of Jersey who settled in Newfoundland.  Some of his descendents today live in Canada and the USA.  

And there are those carrying the actual name of Poingdestre who today live in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and many other countries around the globe.   Jerseymen were often sailors, and over the centuries, sailed off to see the world.  America was but one of their destinations. 

There is a lot more ancestry to learn about the Poindexters

 Edward Carter Poindexter and Mary Elizabeth "Molly" OliverEveryone who descends from, or who is interested in, any of the names listed above is welcome to attend the Poindexter Family Reunion. Come and share your story with the others, and learn some new tales to take home and share with your family.  Better yet, bring the family with you to the Reunion in Williamsburg! We will all experience family history together.

Come, meet your cousins at the Poindexter Family Reunion 2014 in Virginia, USA.  We’ll be glad to see you!

Learn more about the Poindexter Descendants Association

All Poindexters (by whatever spelling) are invited and encouraged to become members of the Poindexter Descendants Association.  Discounted one year memberships are available on the Reunion Registration Form. The PDA wants to learn about all Poindexter families in America and you can help us build that knowledge by sharing your own family history.  One of the ultimate goals for the PDA is to develop a true and complete picture of all Poindexter genealogical ties that exist in America and beyond. Your Uncle Poindexter needs you as a member. Learn more about the PDA on our web site


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