Poindexter Family Reunion in Williamsurg June 19-21, 2014

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Flying to Williamsburg:

A common question we are getting is about airports.

Question: I'm flying to the attend the Reunion. What airport can I fly into that is near Williamsburg?

Answer: There are three airports serving commercial airlines in the Williamsburg area. They are:

Click on the links above to determine what airlines fly into each airport.  The airports' and the airlines' web sites have the information you need to book your flights.  They also have ground transportation information.

Question: What cities can I  from through or from to get to the airports listed above?

Answer: Colonial Williamsburg provides a map showing the cities you can fly from non-stop to the above airports.  Use this map to help determine your best flight options.

Question: Does the hotel provide an airport shuttle?

Answer: No, the hotel does not provide an airport shuttle.  You may rent a car at the airport or take a taxi to the hotel. 

If you are flying to the Reunion and desire to share the fare of a taxi, check the box on your Reunion Registration Form to indicate you will share a taxi ride. We will contact you for your flight itinerary and compare with the itineries of other registrants who also are willing to share a taxi ride.  If there are matches in date and time of arrival, we will provide contact information to both you and the other party so that you can make arrangements to meet upon arrival at the airport.

Driving to Williamsburg:

From I-64, take Exit 238 (Highway 143, Merrimac Trail) south. Take the right fork onto Highway 132. Take the left fork onto Visitor Center Drive. Turn left onto road to the Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel.


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