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Family History and Research

Puddester/Puddister varient spelling in America

Americans with the name spelled Puddester are believed to have descended from the Poingdestre family of Jersey.

We have this querie from Wayne Puddester:

Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 15:58:04 -0800 
From: "Wayne Puddester" 
Subject: Poingdestre 

Hello, my name is Wayne Puddester. Am looking for much needed assistance. Would you 
be kind enough to look through your records or point me in the right direction on 
the following matter.

I've been researching my family tree and it has lead back to a Henri Poingdestre 
from Jersey, Channel Island possibly born c 1730. According to my research he worked 
in the fishery in Newfoundland and probably came here c 1750. I am looking for any 
Henri/Henry born 1730 to 1750, Jersey, which would then give me a starting point. He 
may have also had a brother and/or children named Clement, George and Henry and again 
possibly born in Jersey.



Suggestions for research:

  1. The Channel Islands Family History Society did extensive research on the Poindestre lineages, following some lines into the 1990's. They presented their findings to members of the PDA and to Jersey islanders in 1998 during the PDA tour of Jersey. The American visitors were each given a wall chart printout of the main Fief family bloodline. Many of the branches departing the fuedal line were also charted and given to islanders that belonged to those branches. All the research and charts are deposited in the library at the Société Jersiaise in St. Helier, Jersey.
    UPDATE: June 2007. I visited the library in Jersey and reviewed all the charts from the 1998 research. There are no Henri's that match in the 1700's.


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