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Join the PDA

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Message from the Membership Secretary

Welcome! PDA membership is open to anyone in the world who submits an application, with completed ancestral chart showing how applicant is related or descended from the Poindexter/Poingdestre family; and who embraces the purposes set forth in the PDA's Bylaws; and who pays annual dues.

PHOTO: Kay Poindexter Kay Poindexter
620 Fig Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91910

Members enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Meeting and developing friendships with distant cousins from all over the country
  • Receive the PDA's quarterly newsletter
  • Receive invitations and latest information about the annual reunions along with discounted registration fees.
  • Access to the Members Section of this web site and it's genealogical database, past newsletters and other materials
  • Voting at the annual meeting
  • Participate in PDA Reunions, serve on committees and stand for election to office.

Membership dues are:

  • $20 for one year
  • $50 for three years
  • $70 for five years

One membership includes members of the same family residing at the same residence, that is, spouse and children under 18 years old.

Membership Form

Click here to display the membership form which incudes the Application Page, a Lineage Chart and a Family Group Record (five pages total). Already a memebr? You do not need to submit a new Membership FOrm unless you have changes or additions to your lineage or your family group.

Completing the form, do one of the following:

  1. The form is a PDF file with fields that you can type in from your computer. Then save the file to your computer. You can email the saved form to the Membership Secretary at
  2. Print the form and write in the information. Then mail your form to the Membership Secretary.

Payment of Dues

You can pay dues by one of the following methods:

  1. Enclosing with your printed Application Form a check or money order made out to PDA or Poindexter Descendants Association.
  2. Pay using a debit or credit card using PayPal. Note: PayPal charges the PDA a transaction fee which we pass on to you and is added to your total.
1 Year - $20.00 
3 Years - $50.00 
5 Years - $70.00 

Thank you for joining!


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