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Poindexter Descendants Association

Descendants of the Poingdestre Family of the Isle of Jersey and Normandy

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Isle of Jersey

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands. It is located in the English Channel about 14 miles off the coast of Normandy and about 100 miles south of England's southern coast. It is about 45 square miles in size and has a population of about 100,00. Saint Helier is the capital. Much of the island is rural. Jersey is autonomous and self-governing. One of the British Crown Dependencies, Jersey had been under the rule of the Dukes of Normandy since the time of William the Conqueror, who was the Duke of Normandy. William claimed the throne of England in 1066. In 1204, King John lost his duchy in battle to the king of France, Phillip Augustus. The Channel Islands could be loyal to only one king, so they choose John in England. Jersey has been ruled by the monarchs under their own ancient Viking/Norman laws to this day. Today, one of the titles of Queen Elizabeth II is still Duke of Normany and so she is the Head of State in Jersey. Learn more about Jersey's history.

The Poingdestres in Jersey

Poingdestres arrived in Jersey perhaps prior to 1204 and is known to have owned land by 1307. The family owned land and was active in politics. There are many Poingdestre records, both civil and religious, available in archives in Jersey, France and England. Perhaps one of the most famous of our ancestors of Jersey is Jean Poingdestre (1609-1691) who served as Lieutenant Bailiff for Jersey after the English Civil War. Learn more about the Poingdestres in Jersey.


The earliest records our researchers have found for the Poingdestre family is in the Bayeux district of Normandy as early as the 1130's. Ricardus Poingdestre is recorded in the 1185 Pipe Rolls of King John and is listed as a free man. The 1350's is the earlist we have found Poingdestre records on the Isle of Jersey.

The family held a fief on the island since the 1300's until the 1800s. Immigrant George Poindexter was a member of the fief branch of the family in Jersey. Over the past few hundred years, many Poingdestre's have emigrated to other lands, including England, Scottland, Canada, New Zealand, France, Australia, and South Africa, not mention the United States. There are still Poingdestre descendants living in Jersey today.

George Poingdestre (born Jersey 1627), arrived in the Colony of Virginia in 1657. He first settled in Middle Plantation (Williamsburg) and received a land grant in Gloster County in Virginia. Later, with his wife Susannah, he built his plantation home, Criss Cross (or Christ's Cross), which still stands, located midway between Williamsburg and Richmond in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia. Read more about events in his life in our timeline. We also have research on his forbearers.

John C. Poindexter is another immigrant who we believe arrived from France in the mid-1700's and has living descendants in the U.S. He and his wife resided in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

Henri Puddester, born between 1730 and 1750 was a seaman or fisherman who settled in the maritime islands of Newfoundland. The pronounciation and spelling of his Poingdestre surname had changed, possibly due to his occupation or the heavy Scottish accents of the Newfoundland peoples.

Henry and Issac Pendexter, may have been brothers. They or their parents settled in New England with records in Maine and New Hampshire.


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