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Governance and Operations

John Wade
Greetings from the President

John E. Wade

Greetings one and all. I am so excited that you have found our web site. Please explore and learn more about the Poindexter Descendants Association. Let me tell you how I felt when I joined and attended my first family reunion. After meeting so many people from the US, England, and the Isle of Jersey, I didn't want it to end. Now I have the privilege to gently lead this organization of "cousins" into the future.

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Our Vision:

The Poindexter Descendants Association endeavors to inform and educate members and the public about family history and promote fellowship between the diverse branches of the Poingdestre family around the world.

Our Mission:

The PDA hosts annual family reunions and other social opportunities, lead and support family history research through genealogy and DNA, and educate and inform members and the public through our web site, newsletter, and email.


Founded in 1982, the PDA was founded by a group of family genealogists that found each other and met for the first time. They discovered that by sharing research information proved beneficial and agreed to form an organization. The PDA was oringinally incorporated in 1984 in Oklahoma.

Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the Association, founded for, of, and by the descendants of the Family Poingdestre of the Channel Islands, Normandy and other countries worldwide shall be:

  • To stimulate and promote a spirit of kinship among descendants of the Poindexter Poingdestre, Pendexter, Puddester family hereafter known as Poindexter.
  • To educate, research, preserve, and publicize the heritage and traditions of the Poindexter family.
  • To stimulate and inspire among its members the pride and spirit of their ancestors, with particular emphasis on the ancestry of the members as it pertains to the surname of Poindexter.
  • To establish a repository for family genealogical data, when the Association is of sufficient size and stature to make this feasible.
  • To establish a museum for family memorabilia, when the Association is of sufficient size, stature, and has monetary worth to make such a project possible.
  • To encourage young Poindexters to become interested in their ancestry and to take an active part in family reunions.
  • To locate, list, refurbish, and maintain Poindexter cemeteries, when the Association is of sufficient size and stature to appropriately administer such a program.
  • To sponsor a Poindexter Reunion no more frequently than once a year, but at least every two years, at which a meeting of the Association shall take place. If there are unforeseen circumstances in which the annual reunion can not be held at least every 2 years, a reunion will be scheduled as soon as circumstances permit.
  • To establish and maintain an international registry as we are descended from the Poingdestre family of the Channel Islands and Normandy to Virginia in 1657 and other countries worldwide, when the association has a member willing and capable of certifying such information.
  • To establish a quarterly family newsletter.


The PDA is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. The Board of Directors oversees the operations of the organization, and committee chairs and members focus on the daily business. Board and committee members volunteer their time. A set of Bylaws, Incorporation Document, and a policy document govern the management of the association.

The President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Membership Secretary, Recording Secretary, and the Treasurer are officers elected by the membership. With approval by the Board, the President appoints a Chaplain who is also a member of the Board. The President also nominates a number of ex-officio members of the Board and chairpersons for committees, with approval by the Board.


Many members volunteer to serve or lead a committee where much of the activities are accomplished. Members who are interested in joining a committee, use the Connect email link below.

  • Bylaws
  • Audit
  • Elections (seek nominations and run elections)
  • Family History Research (archivist, repository, genealogy database, DNA Project, research and member assistance, online data storage)
  • Fundraising & Outreach Campaigns
  • Future Reunion Planning, and Reunions Hosts
  • Investment
  • Online and Publications (newsletter, web site, Facebook, email Announcements)





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